PATCHBOX® Plus+ Long Range Cassette STP / UTP
Build your own PATCHBOX with various cable types and colours of your choice! The PATCHBOX Frame offers space for 24 Cable Cassettes. The extra-long Cat.6a cable inside PATCHBOX Cassette Plus+ Long Range is 2.5m long and covers up to 46RU (Note: 0.7m are not retractable and hang out of the cassette). You can decide between UTP and STP shielding and eight different cable colours for better overview. ITEMS INCLUDED 1 x PATCHBOX Plus+ STP / UTP Long Range Cassette with Cat.6a cable



STP Cable Flat Cat.6a U/FTP, ISO/IEC 11801 Channel Class Ea, ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 Cat 6A Channel, 500MHz, AWG36, 100% stranded copper, PVC jacket, PoE (802.3af), RoHS compliant UTP Cable Flat Cat.6a U/UTP, ISO/IEC 11801 Channel Class Ea, ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 Cat 6A Channel, 500MHz, AWG30, 100% stranded copper, PVC jacket, PoE++ (802.3bt, Type 3 (60 W)), RoHS compliant Connector RJ45 shielded plug, pins gold plated, snagless booted Cable length 2.5m cover 46 RU: 1.8m extractable + 0.7m overlength non-retractable Cassette Profiles Stainless steel, laser-welded Plastic Parts Polyoxymethylene POM Operating Temperature Range -20°C — 60°C Ambient Humidity Non-Condensing 10% - 90% Gross Weight 0.40kg Packaging Dimensions 690mm x 50mm x 50mm WxDxH HS-Code 8544 4210


Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) C60STPXC6AX31K - Black C60STPXC6AX31B - Blue C60STPXC6AX31G - Green C60STPXC6AX31R - Red C60STPXC6AX31W - White C60STPXC6AX31Y - Yellow C60STPXC6A31GY - Grey C60STPXC6AX31V - Violet Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) C60UTPXC6AX31K - Black C60UTPXC6AX31B - Blue C60UTPXC6AX31G - Green C60UTPXC6AX31R - Red C60UTPXC6AX31W - White C60UTPXC6AX31Y - Yellow C60UTPXC6AX31V - Violet