4K HDMI Matrix 4x2
The HDMI matrix 4x2 can connect 4 HD signal sources to 2 HD display terminals with optical fiber or stereo headphone output. The matrix allows four HDMI devices to be switched or split easily to two HDMI compatible monitors or projectors. And any output ports can realize independent audio output by optical fiber or stereo headphones. FEATURES - Highest resolution up to 3840x2160/30Hz - Supports 3D video format - Supports 3.4 Gbps x 3 data rate and TMDS clock up to 340 Mhz - Supports deep color 8/10/12 bit - Supports 2 HDMI audio outputs, 3.5mm headphone jack and optical output at the same time - 4 HDMI inputs switch and split to 2 HDMI displays - Supports LPCM/Dolby/DTS 5.1 channel